Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Blacks Cannot be Anti-Semitic

I found these images online.

Antiracists commonly claim that Blacks cannot be racist against Whites, because Whites hold more institutional power. So by that same reasoning, Blacks could never be antisemitic against Jews.

I notice how the Jewish ADL seems to have enough power to tell Elon Musk what to censor.

This is a stereotype that I think is mostly false. There ought to be good research.

NBA star Irving has been suspended, and must undergo re-education to get back:

Sources: Nets have delivered Kyrie Irving six items he must complete to return to team:

– Apologize/condemn movie
– $500K donation to anti-hate causes
– Sensitivity training
– Antisemitic training
– Meet with ADL, Jewish leaders
– Meet with Joe Tsai to demonstrate understanding

Only Jews and Communinists would make demands like this.

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