Thursday, September 15, 2022

Suspended for Quoting Black Talk in 2004

NPR Radio reports on the top sports story of the day:
The NBA announced today it's suspending Robert Sarver, the owner of the Phoenix Suns and the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury, for one year. The league also says it's fining Sarver $10 million, the maximum permitted by NBA rules.

The punishment follows release of an independent investigation report that found Sarver, 60, "engaged in conduct that clearly violated common workplace standards, including the use of racially insensitive language, unequal treatment of female employees, sex-related statements and conduct, and harsh treatment of employees that on occasion constituted bullying."

Here is the top allegation against him, according to the law firm hired to justify the suspension:
During a 2004 meeting in connection with the recruitment of a free agent player to the Suns, Sarver told a story about his college days in Arizona in which he said the N-word in repeating what he claimed a Black person had said. Four witnesses present for the meeting offered accounts that, though slightly different from one another, directly support this finding.

As described by these witnesses, Sarver recounted an anecdote involving a Black college basketball coach or a Black student playing basketball who greeted someone using the N-word. In purporting to repeat what the person said, Sarver said the N-word.

All four witnesses recalled Sarver’s quoting of the N-word as an uncomfortable moment. ... After the meeting, one witness told Sarver he could never say the N-word, even when quoting someone else.

That last point is mentioned repeatedly to condemn Sarver. He was told that he could not quote someone else using the word, and yet he did it again several years later.

This is just racial hatred and anti-white action by the NBA and its law firm. Apparently it is okay for Blacks to use the N-word, but if a White man quotes a Black, then the White man must be punished.

The N-word is not even a racial slur anymore. Most modern uses that I have heard are like the above, and not attempts to put down Blacks at all. No one accuses Sarver of mistreating Blacks. According to the law firm, he has a record of treating Blacks very well.

We now live in a society where the power players search for examples of injustices to Blacks, but no one can find any. The NBA spent probably $2M to hire this law firm, one of the most expensive in the USA, and this is all they found.

More and more, White are treated as second-class citizens. If you say that there is a word that Blacks can use, but Whites cannot, then you are a White-hating creep.

There is even a dispute about whether an AI bot can use the word. FN Meka got very popular with rap music using the word, but was dropped by the record label because the bot was not Black enough.

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CFT said...

The 'N' word is not Voldemort. Some folks seem to think so. Vulgar, yes (as are a lot of other words that quite frankly, are used all the time). Stoning offense? No.
If black comedians can say the damn word all day long to the laughter of entire audiences, I gotta say I'm not really buying the whole 'oh my god, the pain! the pain!' argument.