Thursday, September 01, 2022

School Consultant Favors Overruling Parents

A Califonria weekly reports:
The review is part of a two-year $13,200 contract with the Phoenix-based company, and is the result of group listening sessions, interviews and data provided by SVUSD. ...

The Inclusion Counts report found that SVUSD’s community is “polarized” about the need for diversity improvements. It noted that while some parents offered support, others threatened lawsuits.

School staff shared that families wanted to—and can—opt out of reading “books about diverse populations and people,” the consultant said; it urged SVUSD to reexamine this policy.

“This is not to say that parents should have no influence over how their children are taught,” the report states. “However, when a parent’s desire to inculcate a particular worldview denies the child exposure to diverse ideas, perspectives and values, public schools and educators must remain firm in their approach.” ...

Scotts Valley is hampered by the fact that, while the community is upper-middle class, its school district does not get that much money from the state, relative to other districts. That’s due to a quirk of the funding formula used to divide education cash.

So a broke California school district hires an out-of-state consultant to tell them to overrule the parents' wishes, and force-feed the students with anti-white brainwashing?

It is a myth that rich White public school districts have more money.`Poor non-white districts get more.


CFT said...

I don't think any sane parent should send their child to a public school. Any institution that conspires against keeping the parent informed of what is going with their child is wrong. There really is no negotiation on this point. Any attempt of an institution to hide any kind of medical or psychological counseling from the parent should be considered outright child abuse.

Roger said...

Most of the private schools are just as bad. So are the libraries and other institutions. Unless you are going to move to an island or join a cult, it is almost impossible to avoid the madness.