Sunday, September 25, 2022

Italy Elects Pro-Family Leader

NBC News:
A far-right nationalist looks likely to become Italy’s first female prime minister

A short speech defending the role of the family has become Giorgia Meloni’s calling card at campaign rallies. “I am Giorgia. I am a woman. I am a mother. I am Italian. I am Christian. You can’t take this away from me,” she said. ...

The woman widely expected to become Italy’s first female prime minister in Sunday’s election ...

Her victory, as the leader of a right-wing coalition, would make Italy the latest European country after Sweden to see a far-right party win power, months after Marine Le Pen staged a strong challenge to President Emmanual Macron in France.

Meloni leads the Brothers of Italy Party (Fratelli d’Italia, or FdI), a populist party with roots in Italy’s post-war fascist movement.

They call her far-right because she identifies as Chriatian and defends the family?

I tried watching the Ken Burns documentary The U.S. and the Holocaust to learn more about what was so bad about the Fascists and Nazis. I don't anything special in the show. It is similar to what the History channel has been showing for decades.

It says World War II was an unnecessary war. Okay, I accept that. The USA pretends to have been forced into the war, but as the show explains, President FDR schemed for a couple of years to provoke war.

It says that there was a world consensus that Jews were bad for any nation, and that nobody wanted to admit significant numbers of them. The reasons are not explained.

This is weird. The whole point of the documentary is to tell the story of nations not wanting Jews. Why would they not say why? I can only assume that Ken Burns and the other makers believed that the nations had good reasons, but telling the reasons would undermine the political message.

Ken Burns is not Jewish, and lives in an all-White neighborhood.

The show also says that many Americans were aware that fighting WWII would strand Jews in concentration camps where they could die. But they were eager for war anyway. They were not fighting the war to save the Jews.

And yhet these documentaries give the impression that WWII was all about the Jews.

They skip over the story of Jews in Russia. It is all about Germany.

It is hard for me to understand fighting an unnecessary war, but that is what we have today in Ukraine. Our leaders have rejected opportunities for peace.

Update: This article about Meloni has a 15-minute speech she gave in English. She is generally conservative and pro-family. I did not hear anything radical or fascist. I guess the anti-family Left considers that fascist.

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MikeAdamson said...

Mussolini was quite pro-family as well so clearly there's a tradition.