Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The War on the West

Douglas Murray plugs his new book on the video, The War On Western Culture.

The war is everywhere. reports that Google is trying to cancel the word "mother", as not sufficiently inclusive.

If this is war, there should be more fighting back. An example of Florida fighting back is there recent law to limit Disney and LGBTQ advocates in their attempts to use the public schools for sexually grooming kindergartners.

AP reports:

Stymied in their calls for a renewed investigation into the killing of Emmett Till, relatives and activists are advocating another possible path toward accountability in Mississippi: They want authorities to launch a kidnapping prosecution against the woman who set off the lynching by accusing the Black Chicago teen of improper advances in 1955. ...

Donham’s then-husband and another man were acquitted of murder.

The Justice Department closed its most recent investigation of the killing in December, when the agency said Donham had denied an author’s claim that she had recanted her claims about Till doing something improper to her in the store where she worked in the town of Money. The writer could not produce any recordings or transcripts to back up the allegation, authorities said.

So some girl made an exaggerated MeToo claim in 1955, and the culture warriors are still trying to hold her accountable?

Blacks get killed every day in New York City and Chicago. What is the deal with this 1955 guy?

FoxNews reports:

The Satanic Temple is suing a Pennsylvania elementary school after its school board voted against the introduction of an After School Satan Club last week.
Wash. Examiner:
A high school football coach was fired for praying aloud at the 50-yard line: Did the public school violate his First Amendment rights, or did the coach violate the so-called Establishment Clause?

That's what was at issue before the Supreme Court on Monday.

Surely a football coach saying a Christian prayer is more worthwhile than encouraging students to worship Satan.

NPR Radio and NY Times op-eds now say:

Free speech is a great concept ... but free speech has become a dog whistle.
It is funny how the lizard people are scared of the possibility of people being able to express opinions.

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