Friday, April 22, 2022

Disgusted Viewers Cancel Netflix

Netflix was supposed to have a competitive advantage, because it tracks what you watch and can measure your tastes in movies better than anyone. Then it can make movies and recommend them, according to your tastes.

Except that Netflix does the opposite.

If you are repulsed by scenes of Black men raping White women, then Netflix will tag you as a racist prude who needs re-education, and will bombard you with interracial LGBTQIA content.

It is finally paying a price:

Netflix saw its stock tank 25 percent after it reported losing 200,000 subscribers in the company’s first quarter – the sharpest decline in a decade.

“The company’s shares cratered more than 25% in extended hours after the report on more than a full day’s worth of trading volume,” reported CNBC. “Fellow streaming stocks Roku, Spotify and Disney also tumbled in the after-hours market after Netflix’s brutal update.”

With the closing of the second quarter, Netflix is projected to lose 2 million global subscribers.

Others are catching up:
The state-owned, publicly-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) will use its flagship Doctor Who franchise to “tell trans stories”, according to its own reporting.

The notionally apolitical broadcaster announced on the front page of the BBC News website that it would be using the venerable science-fiction show — first aired in 1963 — to “let trans people tell trans stories”, linking to a story about an upcoming podcast spin-off.

The article, which boasted up front that the spin-off “is making the show more female and LGBTQ+ than ever before”, centred around a BBC Radio interview with BBC writer Juno Dawson, the transwoman who will be writing the series.

“It’s a real first for the Doctor Who universe to have a cast that’s completely led by women and completely led by queer women,” Dawson said, insisting that it is “important that every person who comes to Doctor Who brings their own little identity” — apparently believing that representing the various ethnic and sexual minorities of the 21st-century United Kingdom and their issues in a way pleasing to identity politics activists should be an overriding concern for a show about space aliens and time travel.

This garbage is not popular:
The Doctor Who ratings continue to plummet as now the show has the worst ratings and has lost 1 million viewers in a matter of four weeks.

With Sunday's fourth episode, "Village of the Angels," Doctor Who saw its worst ratings with only 3.45 million people tuning in, down over 300k from the prior third episode, which was already down 200k from episode two.

Sunday's episode also marks a loss of almost 1 million viewers from the debut episode of Season 13 and is now the lowest-rated episode after Season 12's "Ascension of the Cybermen" which had only 3.71 million viewers.

The BBC canceled its "The Family Sex Show" which featured "non-sexual nudity" for children.

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Anonymous said...

If Netflix track what I am watching, then they are doing a very poor job. None of the recommended series they suggest for me are of interest.As far as Dr Who is concerned, I have been a fan since the days of William Hartnell,but the idea of a female Doctor is just beyond belief.I haven't watched any of the latest series and will not in future.