Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Penn has a Tenured Professor with Opinions

A Black Harvard student writes:
Amy Wax thinks America is “better off with more whites and fewer non-whites,” and she’s not shy about saying it. ...

This is the part of my column where I come out as Black ... I find Wax’s comments genuinely upsetting, ...

If Penn’s process rules that Wax’s public comments are un-sanctionable, it will be a depressing day. Such a decision would signal to all of academia that clean-cut advocacy for white supremacy is employable conduct if you have tenure — something unfathomable in nearly any other profession. Under such a system, it’s students that lose.

So she is against free speech because she is Black? Is it common for Black Harvard students to admit such intolerance?

People from all over the world want to come to the USA. Immigration is limited, so policy favor some as more desirable than others. Some immigrants make America better off.

There are two possibilities. Either we are better off with more Whites, or better off with more non-whites. Reasonable people can disagree on this, and a university ought to welcome both viewpoints being expressed.

The above student never actually says that America would be better off with more non-whites. She went from a majority Black high school to a majority White college, so she probably prefers the majority White school. Her point is not that Amy Wax is wrong, but that the truth is upsetting.

The USA immigration policy has preferred non-whites since 1965, and that policy has turned Whites into a minority. It is common for Democrats and others to defend this policy. The policy continues because no real debate on the merits of the policy is allowed. The truth is too upsetting.

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