Friday, April 29, 2022

The Right Deals in Highly Emotional Rhetoric

Yesterday's Tucker Carlson's monologue against Biden administration disinformation seemed like a joke.

He mocked use of the term false dichotomy, which is defined in the leading dictionary:

Definition of false dichotomy

: a branching in which the main axis appears to divide dichotomously at the apex but is in reality suppressed, the growth being continued by lateral branches (as in the dichasium)

He puts his finger on a flaw of Leftists -- they cannot grasp simple dichotomies.

I will withhold judgment until I confirm that the Biden administration is really as bad as described.

If the Left learned one thing in the Trump administration, it is that the media must be controlled for the Left to survive.

Turning to left-wing news tv, here is a homosexual Missouri legislator launching into highly emotional rhetoric about a proposed law to reserve girls sports for girls. He somehow thinks that the legislation is rooted in his right to exist. At 0:55. He appears to have some sort of mental illness. The law has nothing to do with his right to exist, or anyone else's. It only threatens his ability to force perversions on children.

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