Friday, April 08, 2022

Pres. Biden want to Castrate your Sons

The Deep State and the major news media lied to us about Russian collusion, the Hunter Biden laptop, and the Ukraine War.

They have been telling us for years about extreme right-wing terrorists, with their best example being the plot to kidnap Michigan governor Whitmer. Now it turns out to be all a big hoax. The jury found them not guilty, because the only real plot was by the FBI informants.

Jen Psaki claimed in a White House briefing:

Just like the extreme government overreach we’ve seen in Texas, where politicians have sent state officials into the homes of loving parents to investigate them for abuse — just to harass and intimidate the LGBTQI+ community — today’s vote in Alabama will only serve to harm kids.

But Alabama’s lawmakers and other legislators who are contemplating these discriminar- — discriminatory bills have been put on notice by the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services that laws and policies preventing care that healthcare professionals recommend for transgender minors may violate the Constitution and federal law.

To be clear, every major medical association agrees that gender-affirming healthcare for transgender kids is a best practice and potentially lifesaving.

All of this begs an important question: What are these policies actually trying to solve for? LGBTQI+ people can’t be erased or forced back into any closets, and kids across our nation should be allowed to be who they are without the threat that their parents or their doctor could be imprisoned simply for helping them and loving them.

President Biden has committed in both words and actions to fight for all Americans and will not hesitate to hold these states accountable.

This is wrong, sick, and perverted. There are no federal laws requiring transsexual surgery. No "gender-affirming healthcare" has ever saved anyone's life. It has only led to suicide.

She says that castrating a boy is allowing him to be who he is. There is not a shred of scientific evidence for anything she says.

What is behind this? Partially, it appears to be queer recruitment. But it goes way beyond that. They want to deny free will, deny parental authority, destroy the family, corrupt our children, and probably many other evils. And they passionately hate Trump and Russia.

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