Sunday, April 10, 2022

Indians have Taken Over the World

This story is being passed around:
Who's Running the World? Biden, Putin and Xi were arguing about who is in charge of the world? US, Russia or China? With no conclusion, they turned to "Narendra Modi," the Indian Prime Minister and asked him, who's in charge of the world. Modi replied: *All I know is:...*

1. Google CEO is an Indian.
2. Microsoft CEO is an Indian.
3. Adobe CEO is an Indian.
4. IBM CEO is an Indian
5. TWITTER CEO is an Indian
6. Net App CEO is an Indian. 7. MasterCard CEO is an Indian.
8. DBS CEO is an Indian
9. Novartis CEO is an Indian.
10. Diageo CEO is an Indian.
11. SanDisk CEO is an Indian.
12. Harman CEO is an Indian.
13. Micron CEO is an Indian.
14. Palo Alto Networks CEO is an Indian.
15. Reckitt Benckiser CEO is an Indian.
16. IBM CEO is an Indian.
17. Britain's Chancellor is an Indian.
18. Britain's Home Secretary is an Indian.
19. Britain's next Prime Minister will be an Indian
20. Ireland’s last Prime Minister was an Indian....
and the American Vice President is Indian.
So who's running the World?

Kamala Harris is only half-Indian.

How did this happen? Nobody thinks that Harris got where she is from talent or competence.

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PMcGee said...

My son had an IT contract job with the TSA a few years ago--mostly Indian colleagues in NoVa and they were all discussing --the black sambos and my son-- that they had "deceived" the employer by stating they were black in order to get preference hiring--my blue eyed son too (though he does have a New Orleans black ancestor about 6 generations ago). So I wonder how they could think they lied because black sambo skin color is rather dark. My son says some of the high caste guys he knows are darker than the garbage collector caste. This entertains us.
Also, re your list: the great math teacher, Sal Khan of Khan Academy. So Indians in the UK get to be "Asian". Does Asian get preferential treatment there unlike USA, we wonder.
What are all the Chinese doing for jobs? They populate UC Irvine for decades. Math or science majors? What do they do when they graduate?