Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Women are not more valuable than men

Peter Ryan writes:
As I discussed in my article on Gynocentrism And The Golden Uterus1, there is a prevailing assertion in the wider gynocentric culture that women are superior to men. The central tenet of this belief system is that because women give birth and are the rate limiting factor of reproduction, they are more biologically valuable than men. The relative biological value of life, and the value of life in general, of males and females, is reduced down to their relative investment in reproduction.
He goes on the debunk the argument. There is a sense in which fertile eggs are more valuable than sperm, but it does not extend to women being more valuable.

I stumbled across inequity aversion in animals, from a few years ago. In a widely seen video, a capuchin monkey thows a cucumber slice after seeing another monkey get a grape for the same talk.

Supposedly this is proof of a fairness instinct. But this is really just anthropomorphizing monkeys, as explained here. The monkey is probably just trying to get a grape, without regard to fairness.

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