Sunday, June 02, 2019

How all the good movies get ruined

An anti-Jewish site writes:
It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the [Jews] in Hollywood have run out of original ideas. They’re continuing to rely on remakes and sequels, which have almost always been worse than the original movies. Take for example the remakes of RoboCop, Rollerball and Total Recall. All of these reboots were horrible. And for sequels, look no further than the Star Wars franchise, which has been destroyed thanks to Jew-run Disney.

To make matters worse, we often times see all sorts of retarded Jewish social engineering nonsense injected into the new films. White male characters are replaced with females or random colored individuals, and all sorts of social justice crap is inserted into the plots.

We can officially add the Terminator franchise to the list of movie franchises that have been utterly ruined by the Jewish Hollywood industrial complex. The original Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day were widely considered to be solid films, but all the Terminator movies released after them have been mediocre at best. The latest film in the series, Terminator: Dark Fate, seems to be the worst one yet based on the trailer that was just released. ...

Either way, it feels like the Jews are purposefully torturing us by putting out all these horrible movie sequels. They seem to take pride in ruining the things that brought us some measure of joy during our childhood.
If I were making a Terminator sequel, I would skip the time travel, and start with a near-future tale of the public increasingly accepting Orwellian AI from Google and others. Arnold would be a well-intentioned robot-maker who sometimes made cyborgs looking like a younger version of himself. The machine takeover would be by gradual and increasing human reliance on AI. John Connor would see it coming, but no one believes him. He tries to take action, but people think he is Unabomber 2.0, until the machines start executing its enemies. Then the war begins, as in the beginning of the first Terminator movie.

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