Monday, June 24, 2019

Supreme court may affirm white rule

CNN reports:
In the census-citizenship case, the Supreme Court may once again affirm 'white rule'

By John Blake, CNN

Updated 4:52 PM ET, Sun June 23, 2019

(CNN)On June 7, 1892, a dapper shoemaker purchased a first-class ticket on a Louisiana train for a short journey he knew he wouldn't finish.

The 30-year-old man of mixed-race heritage sat in the whites-only section of the train. When a conductor ordered him to move to a dingy rail car reserved for blacks, he refused, was arrested and convicted at a trial.

The man appealed his case to the Supreme Court. Four years later, the court rejected his claim that sitting in a segregated train car stamped him with "a badge of servitude."
Affirm white rule? Who knew?

Note that the 1896 guy did not suffer any monetary or measurable damages. He just suffered the indignity of being told that he had to sit on the train with black people.
Plessy, the man who took the historic train ride, still had hope in the Supreme Court of his era. His trip wasn't random. He was an activist who stepped in the whites- only railroad car expecting to be arrested.
Okay, so he was just trying to create a test case.

What does all this have to do with asking citizenship? They seem to be claiming that the whole concept of citizenship is racist.

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