Sunday, June 23, 2019

Feminist turns gratitude into anger

Darcy Lockman writes in Atlantic mag:
Don’t Be Grateful That Dad Does His Share

I’ve spent the past year interviewing married or cohabiting heterosexual mothers across the United States about the distribution of child-care labor in their home. Most of them did the lion’s share of the work and were angry with their partner. Yet many of them told me they were “grateful.” Over and over again, I heard women complain that they were doing more than their partner, only to then insist that they were lucky to have any help at all. ...

Andrea’s misplaced gratitude is not only common, but also an impediment to the elusive goal of equity in the home. ...

Gratitude is a brand of benevolent sexism, ... Only once gratitude is relinquished for righteous anger will gender rules in this realm be rewritten.
I don't know whether Lockman is Jewish, but Jewish publications love this sort of feminist rant.

This is completely alien to Christian thinking.

Most women want to get married and have kids, and are happy to put the kids to bed. They often see such child care as the most worthwhile thing that they could be doing.

If a woman is trying to think up of reasons for turning gratitude into anger, then she is headed for madness.

You would think that Melinda Gates would be one of the most grateful women in the world, but no, she has a bunch of weirdo feminist ideas about equality:
It takes patience being married to the second richest man in the world. …

One recurring problem was Bill’s struggle to find work-life balance. She recalled being angry with him years ago because the voracious reader was paging through a book about Winston Churchill instead of helping her get their three children ready to go out, or packing up the car.

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