Sunday, June 30, 2019

Why sluts are undesirable mates

Slate Star Codex blog writes:
Did cultural evolution create sexual purity taboos to prevent the spread of STIs? A few weeks ago, I wrote a post assuming this was obviously true; after getting some pushback, so I want to look into it in more depth. ...

Most likely purity taboos came from both paternity issues and STIs [sexually transmitted infections]. But I think it’s fair to speculate that STIs played a part.
He is a Jewish psychiatrist with peculiar sexual preferences. Perhaps that explains why he sees STIs as the main reason against promiscuity in partners.

I don't doubt that he is more worried about STIs than paternity. Likewise for women.

But his post and the comments do not adequately consider the differences between men and women.

Men normally have instincts to be promiscuous. The evolutionary benefit is for the man to spread his seed widely.

Women do not. They have instincts for Alpha Fux Beta Bux. They will have an affair with a more alpha man, or shift to a better resource provider, but they prefer to stay with a man they are happy with.

So why do men prefer not to marry a promiscuous woman? Yes, she could have diseases and try to trick him into raising another man's child.

But there are a couple of other reasons: She will be psychological disordered and impossible to please.

A man does not want a psychologically disturbed wife.

Crazy Cat Lady writes about her large number of sexual partners:
But if you have been sexually active [for] 10 plus years, it is surprisingly easy to rack up a number so big you can’t even precisely recall.

Of course if I were a man I would be celebrated for this. But I’m a woman so many men simply call me a slut and refuse to date me (but still offer me the privilege of having sex with them). ...

Anyone who has been single in a major city know that you can line up a weeks worth on tinder dates in a matter of hours. Sometimes multiple meet ups in the same night.

I regularly get tested, I don’t have daddy issues, and I was not abused as a child ...

Maybe I should just lie? But honestly, it’s not something I’m that embarrassed about. My collection of cats, crushing student loans, and pitiful excuse for a car are things that embarrass me. Not my number.
Apparently she is too embarrassed about her number to put it in her essay.

If you wanted to marry this woman, you could have her tested for diseases, and DNA test any child she bears. But that would still not solve the problem that she has some sort of weirdo itch that you will never properly scratch.

Promiscuous women are never happy, because they always think that they deserve something better than what they have.

The reason that Monica Lewinsky is unmarriageable is not that she is promiscuous. It is that she has dated her ideal alpha man, and no one else would ever measure up.

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