Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Future will be Sub-Saharan African Babies

Here is the 2019 Gates Letter, where he gives what he calls his biggest surprise fact:
Except in Africa. The median age there is just 18. In North America, it is 35. And the number of young Africans is expected to rise in the decades to come.
His video says that half of the world's babies will be in sub-Saharan Africa in 2100.
This young people can be a huge asset. If they are healthy and educated, they drive economic growth.
No, Sub-Saharan African babies do not drive economic growth.

Bill Gates is spending billions of dollars to promote the lives of African babies. If the population trends are accurate, then Africa will be horribly overpopulated. We are headed for war, famine, or a massive African exodus where African babies are used to re-populate the world.

Historians record the XX century as one where Mao, Stalin, and Hitler caused millions of deaths. They may someday say the XXI century was notable for how Gates caused billions of deaths.

At least Gates concedes that wind and solar energy will be insufficient for future energy needs.

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