Monday, February 04, 2019

Dawkins says nationalism worse than Islam

London news:
“Listening to the lovely bells of Winchester, one of our great medieval cathedrals,” he wrote to his 2.8 million Twitter followers last July. “So much nicer than the aggressive-sounding ‘Allahu akhbar.’ Or is that just my cultural upbringing?” ...

“The problem with tweets is that they’re too short. ... But often ‘Allahu akbar’ is the last thing you hear before you’re blown up. Church bells are never the last thing you hear before you’re murdered.” ...

Six years ago, Dawkins described Islam as the “greatest force for evil today”. Now, he says, nationalism is a better candidate, but he has not ceased his crusade against religion.
Of course Islam is greatest force for evil today. But he switches to blaming nationalism? Is he kidding? Apparently not:
Dawkins is aggrieved by Brexit (“I’m trying to learn German as a gesture of solidarity”), though he conceded with scientific modesty: “I don’t think I know enough to say much about the actual pros and cons of the European Union. ...

He argued that, as with US constitutional amendments, a two-thirds majority should have been required for a binding result. “A simple 50 per cent majority is not good enough on an issue this important.”
Maybe so, but I don't think any country had a 2/3 majority for joining the EU in the first place.

If an educated man like himself doesn't know the pros and cons, what makes him think that the EU is beneficial? Why is he learning German?

If religion is bad, then some religions are worse than others. That is just logic. Dawkins accepts this. But he mostly associates with leftists who are reluctant to criticize any group. He goes along with leftist opinions about Brexit, even tho he doesn't know anything about it.

A good question would be whether he would support a ban on Moslems moving to England. If Islam is evil, then he should want to keep evil out of his country. However, he is too much of a leftist. Sam Harris is the same way. He is a leftist atheist who denounces Islam as evil and dangerous, but he refuses to support any effort to keep the evil out of the USA.

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