Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bezos and Woodward have gone nuts

Woodward to Bezos:
Jeff: Proud of you for stepping forward in such a difficult situation. Very gutsy and definitely right. This period reminds me of 1972-1974, perhaps Watergate Redux. So many assaults on constitutional government, common sense and privacy. Let's hope we all get it right — aggressive but careful and fair. Cheers and best, Bob Woodward
What is he talking about?

Bezos is embarrassed because the National Enquirer threaten to expose his crude extramarital messages, and wrote a rant blaming Trump.

Woodward is famous for conspiring with the assistant FBI Director to illegally leak info designed to frame President Nixon for impeachment. Does Woodward think that Bezos is doing something similar to President Trump?

Woodward is also famous for a lot of bogus stories that hide behind fictitious stories, such as the 8-year-old heroin addict.

This is weird. I can see why Bezos thinks he is being blackmailed, but if that is blackmail then so are most of the sexual harassment and MeToo complaints.

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