Monday, February 25, 2019

Corruption of Psychologists and Pediatricians

Christopher J. Ferguson writes in Quillette:
The bottom line is that professional guilds such as the APA [American Psychological Association] and AAP [American Academy of Pediatrics] have a demonstrable track record of unreliability when speaking on matters of science. This means that parents, the general public, and policy makers may base decisions on erroneous pseudo-scientific claims that can’t be backed by good data. Perhaps the most egregious issue is when such bodies simply pretend no controversy exists in fields that are, in fact, highly controversial. ...

Social science is being poorly represented by groups like the APA and AAP. I recommend that, for the time being, parents, policy makers, and the public should, at best, treat resolution statements with a grain of salt and perhaps ignore them altogether.
I have posted many criticisms of the recommendations of these organizations. These are politicized organizations who do not follow the science. The above article has examples to prove it.

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