Friday, September 01, 2017

Google censors again

Google is becoming the world's worst censor, and here is the latest story:
On Tuesday evening, Google sent a conservative website an ultimatum: remove one of your articles, or lose the ability to make ad revenue on your website. The website was strong-armed into removing the content, and then warned that the page was "just an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of this website."
The offending article is gone, but I managed to find a copy:
The media has demonstrated an unwillingness to cover the alt-right fairly. As much as one may disagree with some alt-right figures, that is not a license to lie about or misrepresent their individual political goals.

There are some figures on the alt-right, such as Richard Spencer, who has declared a white ethnostate to be his very clear and well-defined political goal.

And yet there are many others on the alt-right who have no clue about NPI and no idea who Spencer is. Many young people, especially young men, have flocked to the alt-right because of its universal rejection of feminism and PC culture and strong embrace of masculinity and tradition.

White men in this country are tired of being blamed for every failure and hardship experienced by women and minorities. Does this make them alt-right? Not necessarily, but possibly. Does it make them a white supremacist or a white nationalist? Certainly not.

Understanding and acknowledging the differences between race realism, white nationalism, and white supremacy is essential to understanding or fairly covering the alt-right, and unless the media does so, they will continue to set their credibility ablaze.
What is so offensive about this? It doesn't express any opinions at all, except to urge the media to distinguish some political players.

Google is truly evil if it is going to censor pages like this.

Some will say that this is not true censorship, because Google is not a govt agent. However it is squarely within the dictionary definition, and Google has more monopoly power than most governments anyway.

Perhaps some Google bot automatically searched for all articles advocating a white ethnostate, and picked this article without understanding that this article just references the idea without endorsing it. It is more likely that Google wants to censor all articles mentioning a white ethnostate, whether they are for or against it. If so, then Google could be soon banning this blog. I better be careful what I say.

Update: Here is another Google censorship story. Google also got fired James Damore, and got someone at a thinktank fired, all for expressing mainstream opinions. And here is more Google censorhip.

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