Sunday, September 10, 2017

Anglin debates Vox Day

Two of the most deplorable of the deplorables on the Alt-Right are Vox Day and Andrew Anglin, and now they had a public debate! You can find links to the video here and

I haven't watched it yet, but this should be enlightening. They both have coherent worldviews, and they brilliantly expose what is wrong with today's leftists. They both have millions of internet followers, and they are fearless about saying something politically incorrect.

For their opinions, Anglin is being unpersoned, and I would not be surprised if Vox Day is also.

It turns out that they have some sharp disagreements about where our society should be headed. Both of them are so far outside the mainstream that these differences are of mainly academic interest. Neither is going to get his way anyway.

If you need trigger warnings, these guys are offensive sometimes. But if you do not hear their views or other Alt-Right views, then you are being brainwashed.


Anonymous said...

I found it to be a waste of time except for learning that Vox Day is full of himself and ultimately not worth my time. Anglin is sincere and open but he is not a natural at debating live.

The Alt Right needs to be defined as broadly as possible. Pro Free Speech, Pro European Values and thus Pro European People. Somewhat Identitarian and traditional but not to the point of zeal. For it to work it has to appeal to people that will respond to the hypocrisy of Anti European sentiments of Progressives. It has to be in favor of keeping White countries majority white without needing to suggest mass deportations, even if that is desirable. That should maximize support and sympathies.

None of the Alt Right or Alt Lite leading figures are anything more than spreaders of the word. Not one of them is capable of leading a movement, and in the absence of someone smart and charismatic, or a group of people with the organizational qualities to build a united movement, it is better that it stays online and spreads the word that way. Over all, it might just change the character of the Conservatives of each country in the long run, and achieve some of the main aims. Stopping immigration, rejecting toxic anti European ideas, and making Conservative Parties the parties of the White. Some ethnic minority groups will still support those Conservatives. They have no interest in aligning with Muslims or Progressives or Insane Gender movements.

Roger said...

I finally listened. They both made some interesting points. Vox Day had too many ad hominem attacks, but that is his style. Anglin also takes exaggerated positions.

I agree that none of these guys can lead a movement, but they certainly can generate interest and followers.