Monday, September 04, 2017

Feminism is a fitness test

Karen Straughan comments on a Jordan Peterson video:
Feminism in the west is one giant, society wide shit test that western men have collectively failed, over and over and over again. For those unfamiliar with Pick Up Artist parlance, a shit test is believed to be: A manufactured grievance a woman uses to test the mettle, competence and confidence of her mate. It is an intentional provocation accompanied by an implicit and subconscious desire that the man put his foot down, set reasonable boundaries and demonstrate that he will not be bullied, nagged, shamed or guilted into submission. Its purpose is to confirm for her that he is capable of doing what needs to be done to provide for and protect her and her children. The subconscious thought process is, "If he can't stand up to _me,_ how will he be able to deal with the cavemen down the valley who keep us up all night revving their motorcycles, let alone help bring down a mastodon or fend off the sabre toothed tigers?" According to PUAs, the worst thing a man can do when his woman is shit testing him is assume the grievance is genuine and cave in to her. Despite her seeming demand that he submit, if he does, she will lose respect for him, and once she loses respect for him she will believe that she's with a man who is not worthy of her, which in turn makes her angry and resentful of him. She will then escalate the tests, each grievance becoming more and more outrageous and irrational in a desperate bid for him to finally draw a line and say, "this far, no further." I have to admit, as I have in the past, that the last 50 years or so of feminism in the west have followed this pattern. :/
That is a good theory, and I take this reasoning further. Those who tear down statues are just testing us to see if we have a culture that we will defend. Moslems are testing us to see if we are willing to defend religious values.

If your church is unable to proudly and forcefully say that it is better than Islam, then what good is it?

When a thug tries to kill a cop, are you willing to stick up for the cop?

Do you want a President who backs down just because someone misquotes him, calls him mean names, or makes fun of his wife's shoes?

Donald Trump is unusual, as a politician, because he passes all these fitness tests. Most others cannot stand up to the simplest attacks, and therefore lose respect because they probably cannot stand up to a more serious enemy.

For the most part, modern liberalism is failing the fitness tests. So are cuckservatives.

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