Thursday, August 31, 2017

Things will get uglier

NY Times columnist David Brooks explains that Republicans have been able to avoid identity politics in the past, but not any more:
Each individual Republican is now compelled to embrace this garbage or not. The choice is unavoidable, and white resentment is bound to define Republicanism more and more in the months ahead. It’s what Trump cares about. The identity warriors on the left will deface statues or whatever and set up mutually beneficial confrontations with the identity warriors on the right. Things will get uglier.
I think this part of his analysis is right. The Democrat Party has been the party of identity politics and group hatred, not the Republicans. But the identity warriors on the left have gotten so aggressive that it is hard to sit on the fence anymore. You are either for or against white genocide.

White supremacy used to evoke images of wealthy white plantation owners and black slaves. But the folks who are called white supremacists today are not wealthy and do not want to enslave anyone. They merely want to put some limits on anti-white hatred.

Brooks is a Jewish Trump-hater. His nastiest comments are about white Christians like Trump. He has chosen a side in this war, and he is just another identity warrior.


joe said...

Yes, I agree with this. White self-defense is now treated as the equivalent of being a Nazi. The micro-version of this is when you are in your car and get surrounded by antifas. They start pounding on your car with baseball bats, so what can you do? Only try to slowly drive away. You injure someone, and then you are a violent right wing monster. Pretty tough spot to be in.

Roger said...

The white-haters who tear down Confederate statues will not stop there. They will be increasingly aggressive, until whites defend themselves.

joe said...

I saw where LA has done away with Columbus Day and replaced it with "Indigenous People's Day." Am I an indigenous person?