Saturday, August 05, 2017

Why Americans love Tucker Carlson

If you watched the video Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson by Vox, then be sure to catch Vox vs Tucker Carlson DEBUNKED to point out some of the lies about immigration.

For leftist white-haters like Vox, all immigration policies are racist. Any attempt to limit immigration into the USA is white supremacist, since most of the immigrants are non-white. And because white nationalists/supremacists want such limits, then favoring such limits means agreeing with someone who was once accused of being the Klu Klux Klan 40 years ago.

So accept demographic displacement, or be called racist, KKK, Hitler, Islamophobic, and whatever other childish name-calling they can find. The Left always uses such name-calling when they have no substantive argument.

Update: Here is the latest Tucker Carlson video that could be said to favor white supremacism. Of course he does not say anything of the kind, but interviews a white-hating leftist SF talk show host who promotes white extermination policies. Tucker merely probes him to justifies his racially discriminatory policies, particularly as applied to Asians.

If you don't believe that these leftists hate white ppl, watch one of these videos. The guest justifies anti-white policies to favor members of some groups because other members of the groups had some hardships centuries ago. But he is against any favoritism of white groups even if they suffered worse hardships. He ended with some completely bizarre pseudo-science theory about how black ppl are inferior because of epigenetics.

Tucker Carlson does a service by exposing what these wacky leftists believe.

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