Thursday, August 03, 2017

Identifying progressive Muslims

Leftist-atheist-evolutionist Jerry Coyne writes:
How to identify a genuinely progressive Muslim

Therefore, if you want to discern whether a “liberal” Muslim is truly progressive, see whether he or she gets death threats from other Muslims.
This is not too much different from saying that the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim.

Coyne thinks that these dead-man-walking Muslim are just the ones to import into the USA!

That might work if we could somehow keep all the other Muslims out. But we cannot.

Meanwhile, an Eastern Orthodox author of a book on St. Benedict writes in the NY Times:
According to Genesis 1, in four days, God made the heavens, the earth and all the vegetation upon it. But four days after Anthony Scaramucci’s filthy tirade went public, Team Trump’s evangelical all-stars — pastors and prominent laity who hustle noisily around the Oval Office trying to find an amen corner — still had not figured out what to say. ...

Is there anything Donald Trump can do to alienate evangelicals and other conservative Christians who support him? By now, it’s hard to think of what that might be.
Where does the NY Times find these Trump-haters?

Everyone likes to make fun of evangelicals for believing in the Genesis story, but does this author think that evangelicals are supposed to vote for whoever uses the least swear words? Not everyone is that superficial.

Trump is not an evangelical, but he is squarely on the side of Christendom. Most politicians are not. That should be enuf to explain Christian support for Trump.

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