Thursday, June 29, 2017

No moral obligation for refugees

From an atheist blog:
As [atheist podcaster Sam] Harris said in response to this slander doing the rounds, “I’ve said on multiple occasions that I think we have a moral obligation to let in as many Syrian refugees as we can properly vet. I’ve also said that secular, liberal, tolerant Muslims are the most important people on earth — and that if I had control of our immigration policy, I’d move them to the front of the line for citizenship.”
Of course the Syrians cannot be properly vetted, so this ought to be the same as excluding the Syrian Moslems.

There are only about 5 "secular, liberal, tolerant Muslims" in the whole world, so I am not sure it matters where they go. But I would think that he would prefer that they stay in Muslim countries in order to help reform movements there. We have no need for such ppl in the USA.

However peaceful those refugees may seem, they have been taught from the Koran to kill infidels. He is not going to hear anything else from an Islamic source, as far as I know.

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