Friday, June 30, 2017

Against cultural appropriation

NPR Radio broadcast this opinion:
Last week, the New York Times published an op-ed titled "In Defense of Cultural Appropriation" in which writer Kenan Malik attempted to extol the virtues of artistic appropriation and chastise those who would stand in the way of necessary "cultural engagement." ...

But the truth is that cultural appropriation is indefensible. Those who defend it either don't understand what it is, misrepresent it to muddy the conversation, or ignore its complexity — discarding any nuances and making it easy to dismiss both appropriation and those who object to it. ...

All of this lies at the root of why cultural appropriation is indefensible. It is, without question, harmful.
I haven't checked the ethnic background of the author, but if she is a white supremacist, then I assume that she objects to blacks, orientals, and latinos trying to act white and take advantage of white culture.

Now that a jury has failed to find Bill Cosby guilty of any sex crimes, maybe we should move on to his cultural appropriate crimes. He used white technology (television) to portray a black family that acted white all the time. He made many millions of dollars exploiting white culture.

The NPR opinion says this is harmful. Cosby should have portrayed black ppl acting black. Now he is accused of raping white women, but none of that was on this TV show.

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