Friday, August 25, 2017

Save the Daily Stormer

For the first time in the history of the internet, the leading providers have conspired to shut down a site purely for its political content. The has lost its domain. It appears to be temporarily available here.

Some pirate sites and other illegal sites have been shut down, but this is just a guy expressing political opinions. He does not advocate anything illegal.

One hate site bragged that "the Daily Stormer is now the top hate site in America."

If this can be shut down, what will be next?

The Daily Stormer was not just testing free speech rights. It was funny. It had biting criticisms of the Left. It had a lot of interesting news and commentary. It links to its sources, so you can check the accuracy yourself.

The site was called "neo-Nazi", but that is a little misleading. The guy who ran it said that he would be called a Nazi anyway, so he would rather embrace the term than waste time and energy arguing about some stupid name-calling.

He also trolls a lot. He says silly things for purposes of satire or being provocative. He says things that many will find offensive.

For example, Anglin might link to some CNN stories that dishonestly and unfairly attack Pres. Trump, and then point out that the management, producers, and on-air personalities are left-wing Jewish Democrats who are ideologically opposed to Trump.

Saying this is considered anti-Semitic. So he accepts being anti-Semitic. Maybe it is offensive, but it is also useful to know that CNN is promoting a particular set of views from a small segment of the population.

I am not endorsing Naziism or national socialism or anything like that. I don't even know how Naziism would apply to the world today. But I read a lot of sources, and I do not agree with most of them. I like to read diverse opinions.

In many ways, the NY Times is more offensive than the Daily Stormer. It attacks Trump as sharply and as unfairly as the Daily Stormer. The difference is largely a matter of style.

I hope the Daily Stormer returns, both for the sake of free speech on the internet, and because it is an amusing and thought-provoking site.

I am also disturbed that PayPal has cut off VDARE, and that Apple has banned Gab. PayPal, Apple, and Google should be seen as the enemies of basic freedoms everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

It is encouraging to see you continue to exercise your 1st amendment right to be wrong!