Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lying teachers unions

I am voting for Calif. Prop. 75 because I don't think that govt employees should be forced for to fund partisan political causes. I think that most of what the govt employee unions do is bad.

Here is an example. Phil Yost, a leftist editorial writer, says:
So why are they resorting to a hysterical -- and essentially false -- charge in their TV ads against Proposition 74, the governor's teacher-tenure initiative?

Two anti-74 ads released last week by the California Teachers Association are ``patently and demonstrably false,'' the governor's campaign complains.

There's good reason for the indignation.

Each ad claims that Schwarzenegger has broken his promise to restore full education funding this year. It's a disputable assertion, but a fair one. Then the ads say Proposition 74 ``allows one principal to fire a teacher without giving a reason -- or even a hearing.''

The teachers union offers a tortured defense of that statement, but its obvious intention is to leave the impression that teachers will be fired without recourse.

Not true. ... The teachers union could have made various telling points without stretching the truth.
California teachers should not have to pay for these lies. Vote Yes on Propositions 74 and 75.

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