Monday, October 03, 2005

Faking illness

Here is an odd story in my local paper:
Women, here's something that might leave you feeling a little sick.

Your male colleagues are more than twice as likely as you to fake a case of the sniffles just to get a day off work.

In fact, 29 percent of men surveyed for a new nationwide Harris Interactive poll 'fessed up they had done so within the past year. Only 14 percent of women had.

Which means? Even more men are habitually playing hooky -- some probably just didn't admit it.

``Men are just more aggressive about calling in sick . . . and are less truthful, apparently,'' said Frank Kenna, president of the Marlin Co., which commissioned the survey. ``Being one of them, I hate to say it.''
It seems to me that the poll is saying that the men are more truthful, not less truthful. It is the men who admit what they are doing to the pollsters.

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