Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Delaying teacher tenure

I am looking for any reasons why anyone would oppose Calif. Props. 73-77. Prop. 74 delays tenure decisions on new public school teachers. Here is a local teacher complaining:
I love teaching. I gave my stuffed animals homework when I was a kid. But when you are not permanent, you can be let go without being told the reason why or shown any proof that you did anything wrong. It's nerve-racking. The idea of having to wait five years is discouraging. [26-year-old Gwen Jones]
Wow. She thinks that because she gave homework to her stuffed animals, she is entitled to a job for life.

Most workers in the private sector can be fired at any time for any reason (except for a few prohibited reasons like racial discrimination). Most of the people I know have suffered the consequences of massive layoffs at one time or another.

The teachers' union has put ads on TV saying that if Prop. 74 passes, then teachers could be fired over the objections of the parents. This is a sneaky argument. Parents currently have no say about the hiring and firing of teachers, and Prop. 74 does not change that. Maybe we need another ballot proposition to give parents more say about how the schools are run.

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