Friday, October 21, 2005

Breaking the Science

Free Republic trashes a PBS documentary:
The Program's Claims The hour-long program makes some astonishing claims. George Washington University Law Professor Joan Meier says that in "75% of cases in which fathers contest custody, fathers have a history of being batterers". In her worldview, if a father seeks a relationship with his children in family court, that in itself is tantamount to proof that he's a batterer.

This is the end of the creditability of this study., For folks who have been paying attention, this is part of a long-runniung strategy by radical social engineers to "destroy the patriarchy" by weaking the traditional family using actions that disenfranchise men from families, increase divorce, promote gay marriage, etc.
I just watched the show, and was possibly the worst that I have ever seen. Here is more proof of how biased PBS is.

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