Monday, October 24, 2005

Abortionists against telling parents

I am still looking for a decent argument against Calif Prop 73, which requires that underage girls seeking an abortion notify a parent or a judge. Scott Herhold writes:
``This measure will endanger doctors like our daughter,'' she said, explaining that a doctor would have to report any abortions to the Department of Health Services. ``I fear all these doctors would have their medical records subpoenaed.'' ...

In case you're still wondering, Proposition 73 is a bad law. It would impose cumbersome reporting requirements on doctors. It sets up a complicated court process for pregnant teens to bypass consent.

Worst of all, it betrays a class bias. It assumes every family can sit down and calmly make a decision about what to do when a teen becomes pregnant.
I guess abortionists are not used to having any accountability for what they do, so that explains why they might be against Prop 73. But what is the "class bias"? Is there one class of girls that needs parental advice, and one that does not? I think that Herhold and the other pro-abortion radicals are the ones with the class bias.

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