Sunday, October 02, 2005

Change traffic lights at will

I stumbled across this:
The device the "mysterious hacker" is using to change all the RED lights to GREEN is a MIRT. It is nothing "secret" or extraordinary. A MIRT is a device that uses Infra Red technology to trigger Pre-Emptive sensor on a traffic light and causes the light to change to green. Yes, this device will give you the ability to ALWAYS HAVE A GREEN LIGHT. The shadowy hacker did at least give one good tid-bit of info, if you want to order one, you will need to do your share of Social Engineering, as they are only sold to "Authorized Users". Oh, and you will need to pony up the $300-$400 to get one.. Well, paying isn't the I-Hacked way, lets build one! Today I am going to show you how to build a DIY Mirt for less than $20.
Apparently all you need is a gadget that transmits infrared light at about 10 cycles per second (and to get legal authorization to zip thru traffic lights). Authorization info is here.

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