Monday, July 25, 2005

Phyllis on the Glenn Sacks show

Radio host Glenn Sacks says:
For decades conservatives and conservative Christians have claimed that they are fighting to "defend the family," when in reality they have wasted an enormous amount of time focusing on trivial issues like gay marriage. At the same time they have ignored the forces which are hurting children, destroying fatherhood, and tearing families apart. These are the family law system, the federal financial incentives which help shape and drive that system, and the shortsighted mothers who place their emotions or convenience above their children's needs for their fathers.

During the past six months a major conservative has finally begun to confront the issues generating mass fatherlessness. Conservative writer, commentator and activist Phyllis Schlafly is urging fellow conservatives to re-examine the Violence Against Women Act currently up for renewal in Congress, and is sounding the alarm over the harm misguided feminists have done to fathers and the children who love them and need them.
The broadcast is available in mp3 format.

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