Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mohammedan terrorism

I'd like to see some serious discussion about the proposition that the Mohammedan religion is at war with the modern world.

Those who support the proposition get censored and branded as bigots, and there is usually some politically correct nonsense about how the word "Islam" means peace. (It does not.)

Malkin describes a radio host who lost his job for supporting the proposition.

Mohammedans have always believed in killing their enemies. To this day, polls show broad support among leaders and followers for terrorist acts against innocent civilians.

Occasionally I see some Mohammedan leader disavow unjustified attacks, or something like that. But then he won't say what attacks are justified or unjustified. Other religions don't have a problem saying whether murdering innocent people is right or wrong.

Five times in recent years, the USA had gone to war to defend Mohammedans. We did it in Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. There must be some limit to American willingness to defend a religion that believes in terrorism.

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