Monday, July 04, 2005

Anita Hill

Everyone keeps saying that Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment at his Senate confirmation hearing. Here is the actual transcript:
So that at that time, there was a doubt in your mind as to whether Judge Thomas was, in fact, guilty of sexual harassment on the facts as you knew them?

MS. HILL: Well, I want to back up and say something here. In my statement to you, I never alleged sexual harassment. I had conduct that I wanted explained to the Committee. My sense was -- my own personal sense was that yes, this was sexual harassment. But I understood that the Committee with their staff could make that evaluation on their own.

So, I didn't have any doubts. But I wanted to talk with someone who might be more objective.

SEN. SPECTER: Well, you did call it sexual harassment in your extensive news conference on October 7th, even though you did not so characterize it to the FBI or in your statement to this Committee.

MS. HILL: But that news conference on August 7th had not taken place at the time -- or excuse me, on October 7th --
It is a little confusing, but it appears to me that she wanted people to think it was sexual harassment, but that she stopped short of formally making that accusation.

Clarence Thomas denied it: "I cannot imagine anything that I said or did to Anita Hill that could have been mistaken for sexual harassment."

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