Sunday, July 10, 2005

More conservative politically

Andy writes:
America is becoming more conservative politically, which is one reason why we do not want young age to be a factor in picking the next Supreme Court justices. (Another reason is that justices typically move to the Left after serving on the Court for years, as Kennedy is doing right now.)

Here are ten examples of how conservative politics is growing. Additions are welcome. Note how few of them are attributable to GWB and the current Congress.

1. Capitalism defeated communism in the 20th century.
2. The right to own guns is stronger than it has been in decades.
3. Financial rights to invest in gold, mutual funds, etc., are at their strongest level.
4. The right not to be drafted is the strongest ever.
5. Evolution, the sacred cow of liberal atheism, is being widely discredited and discarded.
6. Liberal icons like Ted Kennedy and Arlen Specter are increasingly viewed as laughingstocks.
7. The right to homeschool is the strongest ever.
8. Presidential and congressional power are at their weakest point in over a century.
9. The power of citizens to communicate and influence policy (over the internet) is at its strongest point.
10. The free market in medicine is stronger than in 30+ years.
I'm not sure about some of these. In California, the right to own guns has been weakened. Evolution is taught as much as ever. And there is a long list of liberal successes.

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