Saturday, July 30, 2005

Counterproductive fundraising

From Fox News O'Reilly Factor:
O?REILLY: You may remember back in 1985, Live Aid raised millions for African famine relief. Shortly after that event, "Spin" magazine reported that much of the money raised during those concerts was stolen by the Ethiopian government. ...

STAMP: Doctors Without Borders, the international version, considers Live Aid and the "We Are The World" song to be the worst thing that ever happened to

O'REILLY: Really? Why?

STAMP: Because the money was used to funnel into the tyrannical government, which was using the famine to oppress their own people.


STAMP: And so most people considered that the war actually was extended another five to seven years because of the money they got.

O'REILLY: Because the money they got that was supposed to help the poor people propped up the dictator, who was abusing the people.

STAMP: Absolutely.
I saw this on Fox News last night. It was a rerun. I don't know why a news channel is running reruns from a couple of months ago. I turn to the news channel to get current news.

But the story was amazing enough to repeat. No one ever criticizes raising money for starving people in Africa, and yet such projects can be very harmful.

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