Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Slandering a woman's virtuous reputation

The Chicago Tribune reports:
The Seattle Democrat is sponsoring a bill to repeal a 1909 Washington state law that makes "slander of a woman" a crime.

It isn't that Kohl-Welles, a women's studies lecturer at the University of Washington, wants to hear women slandered. But she believes the law is a relic of a time when men put women on a pedestal but denied them basic rights.

"This is one of those old laws that is really irrelevant now," said Kohl-Welles, adding that it almost surely violates the state and federal Constitutions.

The statute prohibits "false or defamatory words or language which shall injure or impair" the virtuous and chaste reputation of any female over 12. The law does say it is OK to slander a "common prostitute."
This is yet another feminist attempt to have women treated like common prostitutes.

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