Friday, January 14, 2005

All family groups agree

This Family News story says:
Phyllis Schlafly, founder of the pro-family Eagle Forum, said she hopes lawmakers will also look to Ohio, whose state marriage amendment is considered the strongest in the nation.

"It not only protects marriage," she explained, "but it protects us from the Legislature or the courts pretending that they have a substitute for marriage and giving same-sex couples all the rights and benefits of marriage even though they don't give them the name."

There will be disagreements within the pro-family camp when the final draft is submitted­specifically over the issue of civil unions­but Tom McClusky, director of government relations for the Family Research Council, predicted everyone will be onboard.

"One hundred percent of the family groups agree that something needs to be done," he said, "and ultimately it will be deduced that we need to pass a marriage amendment."
No, it doesn't protect marriage from its main attacker -- the family courts.

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