Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Prof murders baby and gets honored with a memorial

Villanova University plans to honor Mine Ener's work with a memorial student lounge in the university library:
Ener killed her 6-month-old daughter and committed suicide in a Minnesota jail. ...

"It was a sad and tragic situation. She was depressed, but she did murder her daughter," Hoffman said Wednesday. "It isn't the kind of thing you want to remember on a Catholic campus." ...

Ener, 38, went into the bathroom at 9 a.m. one morning and fatally slit the infant's throat with a knife from the kitchen, because, she told police, she wanted to give the baby relief. Less than a month later, Ener put a trash bag over her head and committed suicide in prison.

New tables, lamps and an oriental rug _ a nod to Ener's area of study _ will be dedicated to her memory Thursday morning in a corner of the Falvey Library student lounge. A plaque already hanging on the wall lists Ener's department, her years at Villanova and an epitaph: "Scholar, Teacher, Mentor, Friend."
I don't see any memorials to any murderers who are men.

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