Saturday, January 22, 2005

Family ruined by suspected Shaken Baby Syndrome

Bob sends this Greenville Ohio horror story:
Prosecutor says boy may have died from genetic disease, not abuse

Associated Press

GREENVILLE, Ohio - A woman plans to seek custody of two children taken from her and put up for adoption now that a prosecutor says their brother may have died from a rare genetic disease - and not child abuse.

However, the length of time since the adoptions occurred could make the mother's efforts futile, a legal expert said.

The Darke County prosecutor said he is closing the homicide investigation into the death of 5-year-old Daniel Crow Jr. because of the disease.

Prosecutor Richard Howell told the Dayton Daily News in an interview Jan. 11 that Daniel's parents "deserve some exoneration. It shouldn't be held over their heads. ... I can't prove he was even abused, let alone who did it."
Despite many such prosecutions, I believe that there is considerable doubt whether Shaken Baby Syndrome even exists.

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