Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Some anti-gun freaks just cannot resist lying about guns. Bellesiles's fraudulent anti-gun book got glowing reviews in much of the media, and hardly any of those reviewers have issued a retraction now that Bellesile has been fired from his tenured professorship and his lies exposed.

Volokh found one magazine that issued a retraction, but he notices that the retraction is filled with anti-gun lies! When Volokh called him on it, the reviewer said:
I do not know what the official NRA position is ... I'm sure that I have heard many gun rights supporters say that "every colonist had a flintlock over the mantle" or words to that effect. ... However, I have neither the time, the resources, or the interest in tracking down those kinds of quotes.
IOW, the reviewer is just another lying anti-gun hack who is only disassociating himself from Bellesiles because Bellesiles had his reputation ruined.

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