Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Apparently the fix was in at the NJ supreme court. No one could figure out why Torricelli would pull out of the Senate race since it was too late under the law to put a replacement on the ballot. The NJ court just said yes. This is more evidence that the Democrats are election crooks. The Republicans should immediately appeal to federal court, because the integrity of a federal election is at stake.

I expect that Dershowitz will soon make a bunch of dishonest rationalizations about how the Democrats should be able to rig the NJ ballot in their favor.

Here is the NY Times story, and the court decision. The main part is:
And the Court having determined that N.J.S.A. 19:13-20 does not preclude the possibility of a vacancy occurring within fifty-one days of the general election; And the Court having concluded that the equitable relief sought herein is not inconsistent with the precedent of this Court and the terms of the statute and that the Court should invoke its equitable powers in favor of a full and fair ballot choice for the voters of New Jersey;

There is no vacancy. There is only a party that wants to make a change. Changing the election rules after an election has begun because one side wants to make a tactical response to some bad polling data is not "full and fair".

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