Thursday, October 31, 2002

John writes:
It is increasingly clear that the presidential candidates in 2008 will be Hillary Rodham Clinton (Dem) and Rudolph Giuliani (RINO). These are the two with a clear shot, and I don't see anybody standing in their way.

Except for Bush himself, Hillary and Rudy are, by far, the most effective campaigners and most lucrative fund-raisers for their party's candidates this year. No one else is even close.

For example, Rudy was in St. Louis yesterday speaking at a Talent fundraiser. Rudy was careful to point out that he and Talent "don't agree on everything" but "share an essential Republican philosophy."

Conventional Wisdom is that a New Yorker can't be elected president. But that rule doesn't apply if both parties nominate New Yorkers.

Conventional Wisdom is that Dems have to nominate a Southerner for president because, if they don't, the entire South will go Republican. But if Repubs nominate Giuliani, the Dems have a good chance at the entire South after all.

Like Reagan in 1974, Giuliani has 6 years out of office to run for president. The way is clear; no other potential candidates are anywhere in sight.

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