Thursday, October 31, 2002

Andy writes:
Roger, I'm not interested in writing for dying magazines like The New Republic. I already wasted too much time dealing with the American Spectator. Law journals are probably more worthwhile.

Incidentally, after all the mockery of Donahue here and elsewhere, I see that he has surpassed Chris Matthews with Guiliani and Schwarzenegger in the ratings. See drudgereport. Talk about 3 guys who are lost and clueless! Maybe Guiliani and Schwarzenegger can go to Mexico together, with Matthews reporting.

A topic on Roger's blog is how O'Reilly is criticizing Ashcroft's federal intrusion into the sniper case, which perhaps the White House ordered. Why do we need the feds chasing TV coverage here? It wouldn't surprise me if they bungled the investigation. Long list of previously bungled investigations by feds.

I finished Starr's book. Basically, his sop to equality means he's wrong on immigration, feminism, and the gay agenda -- three of the biggest issues.

Speaking of feminism, I realized that its real popularity is with unsuccessful, educated women having more successful husbands. It's the contrast between Hillary Clinton, smarter but less successful than Bill, and Margaret Thatcher, successful in her own right. I bet a study of donors to Emily's List would confirm a high percentage of educated wannabees, and relatively few women accomplished in their own right.

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