Sunday, May 19, 2024

Defending Russia for Traditionalists

I am trying to understand why any American would want to take sides in either the Ukraine or Gaza wars.

The Ukraine War is being fought to expand NATO to the Russian border. The Gaza War is being fought to exterminate the Palestinian Arabs. Why should Americans care?

Alexander Dugin writes:

The inauguration of President Putin marks a new stage in Russia’s history. Some lines from previous periods will surely continue. Some will reach a critical threshold. Some will be curtailed. But something new must also emerge.

I would like to draw attention to the ideological aspect, which could become a fundamental vector for Russia’s further development in the international context.

In our fierce confrontation with the West, teetering on the brink of nuclear conflict and a third world war, the problem of values is becoming increasingly apparent. The war in Ukraine is not merely a conflict of states with their quite rational national interests but a clash of civilisations, with all of them fiercely defending their value systems.

Today, it is already clear that Russia has decisively committed to defending traditional values and sees them as integral to the fundamental processes of strengthening its civilisational identity and geopolitical sovereignty. This is not just about the various interests of individual subjects within the same — Western — civilisation, as the escalating conflict between Russia and the collective West could have been interpreted until recently. It is now obvious that two value systems are clashing.

The modern collective West staunchly defends:

Absolute individualism;

LGBT and gender politics;


Cancel culture;


Unrestricted migration;

Destruction of all forms of identity;

Critical race theory (according to which previously oppressed peoples have every right to oppress their former oppressors in turn);

Relativist and nihilistic postmodern philosophy.

The West ruthlessly censors its own history, bans books and artworks, and the US Congress is preparing to remove entire passages from the Holy Scriptures, allegedly offensive to certain groups of people based on ethnicity and religion. Moreover, the development of digital technologies and neural networks has raised the issue of transferring global governance from humanity to artificial intelligence — and several Western authors already hail this as an incredible success and the long-awaited arrival of the singularity.

The USA is still a much better country than Russia. Ukraine appears to be a worse country than Russia. I just post this to explain why some people hope Russia wins.


MikeAdamson said...

Neville Chamberlain would approve

CFT said...

The only time one should engage in war is when there is dire need and there are direct objectives that can actually be obtained.

Gaza is inevitably pointless. It will resolve nothing, improve no standing nor gain allies, there are no resources to be gained, there is no actual objective that can be obtained for more than a moment, and it will drain Israel of blood and treasure they can't really afford as the conflict really has no definite end.

Ukraine is a continuing mess of corruption, and the United States has not made it better with our backroom manipulations and incompetent presidential grifting. The Europeans need to find their own balls with both hands if they want to play at nation building, and they better start building armies.

America has its own borders to worry about, not everyone else's.

Both these major conflicts are arranged affairs. Someone thinks they can benefit in the chaos.