Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Neanderthals were the most Advanced Hominids

Discover magazine reports:
We know that the Neanderthals were talented makers. They used a sophisticated array of scrapers and blades, which they fashioned out of stone and other materials. And though Neanderthals were once por­trayed as basic and brutish, scientists are now stressing a new narrative: This species was in its way as innovative and creative as our own ancestors. Here’s a look at what Neanderthals could make. ...

With their tools, art, and con­trol of fire, it’s increasingly difficult to see the achieve­ments of the Neanderthals as all that different from the achievements of our own ancestors. Adding to that difficulty is recent research into Neanderthal speech.

This is so bizarre. Neanderthal were our ancestors, and the same human species as we are. Nearly all non-African humans today have some Neanderthal DNA.

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