Sunday, October 09, 2022

Promoting the Poison of Translunacy

Libs of TikTok has videos of Jewish medical women advocating child sex mutilation. It is sick.
Rachel Simon, who conducts transgender "therapy" on children as young as 4, said that "sexuality education starts the minute you're born" and encouraged teens to distrust their "bigoted, misinformed parents," especially if they are "religious."
I should not have to explain why this is wrong. For now, I just post this to point out that it is going on, and with the approval of major medical centers and the Democrat Party.

A reader writes:

You have the tranny movement all wrong. The goal is to identify boys who are likely to grow up to be gay men, and castrate them. To identify girls who are unlikely to be good mothers, and mutilate their bodies so that they will not have babies. To destroy womens sports so that girls do sports recreationally, but not competitively. And to destroy feminism by letting it be taken over by men.

The Jews are needed because they like to be at the forefront of radically destructive movements. If neo-nazis proposed anything like this, they would be in jail. Jews can push these causes and seem like enlightened liberals, and be praised by other Jews.

Nobody says that these are the goals, but I can that they might be the likely effects.

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